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In 2020, Sandra was living in Atlanta, Georgia. She wanted to purchase a property in Portugal and needed to find someone to simplify the buying process. Through a friend, she found Ariana, who immediately offered to help. Sandra had no knowledge of the Portuguese market and ran the risk of investing her money poorly.

As they toured available properties around the country, anytime Sandra showed interest in a property, Ariana would confirm if it was a good investment or not. In 2021, Sandra purchased a 3 bedroom/2 bath condo with a rooftop pool in Lagos. Her new home is located in the Algrave region, an expat friendly seaside village known for sandy beaches that draws tourists from around the world. As Sandra’s new life began to unfold, she fielded lots of questions from friends, business colleagues, and connections she made along the way; each person asking for tips and advice so they could find similar success while moving to Portugal.


During their initial scouting tour,

Sandra and Ariana created a bond; they learned they had similar goals and realized they were well-equipped to help others on similar journeys. The two business partners custom-built Alarsa Services from the ground up – leveraging their resources, skills, connections, and know-how to provide a unique real estate scouting, rental, and purchasing experience for their clients.


“When you work with Alarsa, you’re not another customer being processed through a system – you’re a potential new friend who is joining us for an incredible adventure,” Sandra said. “Your time in Portugal might last for just one unforgettable week, or it may last for years and years to come.”

Sandra is a born entrepreneur with a love of travel – when she sees an unmet need in the marketplace, she creates a business to fulfill that demand – and if her next business idea also calls for a new city to explore, all the better. She was raised in picturesque Guyana on the northern coast of South America. Through the years, she has lived in St. Kitts and Nevis, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United States, and now Portugal. Her first business, started in 1998 and still going strong, is a home healthcare agency that provides in-home care services for aging and disabled individuals. Sandra has also owned and operated three restaurants and a Smoothie King franchise.


Co-Founder, Operations Manager, Director of Customer Service

It was Sandra’s personal journey into home ownership in Portugal that laid the foundation of Alarsa Services Lda. At Alarsa, she schedules scouting tours, sets itineraries, and manages business operations. She often shares details from her personal “move to Portugal” story with clients, while drinking Portuguese wine and sharing long hours of laughter during the scouting tour. Through Sandra’s eyes, scouting tour clients see Portugal through the eyes of an expat who is enjoying a vibrant and fulfilling new life in Portugal.


Co-Founder, Sales Director

Ariana has had many titles throughout her career, but a common thread has been travel, adventure, hospitality, and providing world-class customer service. She co-founded Alarsa Services Lda to provide people from around the world who are interested in moving to Portugal with a trusted real estate resource. Ariana is fluent in many languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish and French – as well as the real estate laws of Portugal, especially as they compare in contrast to top markets around the world. She helps educate clients about the intricacies and nuances of buying or renting a home in Portugal, managing expectations and answering questions each step of the way. As a co-host of the Alarsa Scouting Tours, she helps guests see each neighborhood through the eyes of a local.

Prior to founding Alarsa, Ariana earned a degree in Tourist Entertainment and Travel Agencies at the IPL in the Portuguese coastal city of Peniche. She completed several esteemed internships, catering to the needs of international travelers in 5-star Hotels throughout the country, including Areias do Seixo Charm Hotel, Hilton Vilamoura, and Conrad Algarve. She flew around the world as a flight attendant for nine years, acquiring a vast knowledge of different cultures in every destination. Ariana is an accomplished lyric singer, performing with the renowned Teatro de S. Carlos, in Lisbon, Chiado – a talent that inspired the name of her daughter, Melody.


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