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What is a Scouting Tour?

A scouting tour is not a vacation, a scouting tour is a mission with a purpose.

We make it a point to accommodate you in five star hotels, treat you to meals in the best restaurants, and show you the most desirable neighborhoods.

You will meet new friends in Portugal and your doubts will be dispelled. Your desire to move or invest in Portugal will simply increase!

Image by Hugo Sousa
Image by Leonie Janko

Let's Make It Simple

Several itineraries, one destination...

Discover what Portugal can offer you.

Tour Booking

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5 nights in Lisbon

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4 nights in Algarve and 2 nights in Lisbon

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Lisbon - Porto

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3 nights in Porto and 2 nights in Lisbon.

Living in Portugal

Reality of Living in Portugal

Thinking about big changes can seem difficult, and full of ups and downs. Even more when the idea is to move to another country, or to invest your hard-earned money in another country.  

You can do your own research and read a lot of articles about Portugal, but you still may be left wondering... Where is the best place to live? Where to invest? What are the real costs of living? How does healthcare work? What is the best neighborhood for me? Which school is best for my child? Where will I buy groceries? What are the best local restaurants?

So, what are you looking for?

Palace of Pena in Sintra. Lisbon, Portugal. Famous landmark. Summer morning landscape with blue sky
Stairway to the ocean

If you have questions, we have answers

"Will Portugal be my next destination?" "Will Portugal be my home?" "Will I be happy in Portugal?" "Will I have everything I need around me?" "Will I have support?" "Will I get a return on my investment?" 

We are here to address your concerns, connect you to resources, and show you the REALITY of living in Portugal and investing in Portuguese real estate. Perhaps you'll live in Lisbon, the city that never sleeps; this city is full of activities any time of the year, with different residential experiences in the city center and in the outskirts. Maybe you'll choose Porto, a city full of history and culture. Or you'll live in the South, the Algarve region, where it's warm 8 months a year; here you'll feel like you're always on vacation and surrounded by different cultures.

How to Choose
Your Next Destination

When we talk about REALITY, we talk about portraying the daily life of a place.

Where to go shopping, where to get a car repaired, where to find the best hospitals and health professionals, where to go for lunch on the weekend, or dinner during the week. Where to go for a trip within the country. Or even where to take care of daily routines, such as picking up or sending letters and going to city hall.

REALITY is what we want our customers to experience.

A beautiful park in Lisbon.
Lisbon, Portugal city skyline over the Alfama district


The tourist sector is soaring, but the country still preserves its appeal.

So many things can be experienced in one day in Portugal.

You can work in the office in the morning, go to the gym, then have lunch on the beach. After work, enjoy a coffee with friends and family in the heart of the old city. During the weekend, take the opportunity to travel within the country to discover the local folklore and savor the famous typical cuisine.

Lisboa, Porto, Algarve... The beach is always close, and still, you have everything that a city can offer.

Bridge 25 ofApril, over the River

​Let yourself be carried away by the uniqueness of the Portuguese countryside or dazzled by the magic of "Serra da Estrela" the highest mountain range and its ski resort, 

They say that "Portugal is like California in Europe", and we can't disagree. 

Besides being the third safest country to live in, Portugal offers an undeniably great quality of life. The people are welcoming, and the cost of living is very fair, compared to other countries in Europe.

Porto Historical Houses

Plan Your Move to Portugal with ALARSA

The Scouting Tour Experts

ALARSA provides the best scouting tours in Portugal. We don’t just make plans, we help you build foundations that last a lifetime.

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